one of the most common skin problems. Dark brown spots, redness, birthmarks, freckles. Perhaps, everyone has faced these signs of pigmentation. There are many factors that affect pigmentation: a violation of hormonal balance, exposure to ultraviolet rays, acne, diseases of internal organs, age-related skin changes.
CremeWELLTOX is a modern product for whitening the skin and eliminating manifestations of pigmentation.
Advantages of WELLTOX
Effective removal of age spots and freckles
Replaces expensive beauty treatments
Safe skin lightening
Natural components
The basis of the cream: hyaluronic acid, pink, almond, grape, olive oil, lemon extract, ginseng, baden, atractylodes, amino acids, vitamins and other elements.
While penetrating into the deep layer of the epidermis, the active components of the cream have a direct effect on melanin, responsible for the dark color of the skin. The cream stops the formation of new spots and freckles, and helps to gently lighten the skin. Due to its mild cleansing action, the skin acquires a uniform colour. Also, the cream removes the redness that remains after acne and rashes. Oils that are part of the product, provide the skin with a long-term protection against dryness, a sense of tightness and the formation of new pigment spots.
How to use?
1 Spread a small amount of WELLTOX evenly over the skin
2Let the cream soak in
3Remove excess cream with a towel or rinse with water

It is recommended to apply the cream to the previously cleaned skin. Use WELLTOX daily, best before bedtime. The course of use is 2 months.

Remember, to achieve the desired clarifying effect, apply the WELLTOX cream completely on the whole face, and not use it pointwise.

Women about WELLTOX
Emily, 27 yo
In my youth I had a problem skin - permanent rashes, black spots, pimples. All this, fortunately, is already in the past. However, red and brown spots remained on the face. I tried to do peeling, but it did not work. Several months ago I read on the Internet about the cream WELLTOX. I ordered, I use I already for a month. The effect is incredible! Traces of spots have practically passed, the complexion has leveled out. For even greater results, I plan to use WELLTOX cream for another month.
Rina, 56 yo
At my age, pigmented spots are the norm. But I really want to be beautiful. I decided to try a new product - WELLTOX. The cream perfectly coped with age spots! And the skin became more fresh and alive.
Adela, 34 yo
I love to sunbathe. But after a long stay on the sun, I noticed that brown spots began to appear on my forehead and neck, and my skin became very dry. The girlfriend recommended me WELLTOX. I used a cream every day, for two months. The skin became soft and moisturized. Pigmented spots are completely gone. I am very pleased with my skin now!

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